Our Team

Our Story, Our Mission and Why ``Same Name, Same Integrity`` Mean Something Real

Matthew Sorge

Owner | President

On day to day basis you will most likely be dealing with Matt.  Matt is the lead purchaser, the web designer, the shipper and, in most cases, the optimist.  Stewart Drum Company is his passion and his dedication.  From picking up drums, restoring them and reselling them…Matt is 100% in.  Matt has been restoring drums for several years now and have been playing them for over 25 years.  Matt is a husband, a father of two, a camper, a dog owner and all around nice guy.


Carmen Sorge

(Deceased - 03.19.2018)

It is with saddened hearts that we announce the passing of Carmen.  Carmen lives on in spirit with the company in everything we do.  Carmen has taken on the roles of Audio Engineer, dictator, final decider and, in most cases, the realist.  Stewart Drum Company was among his passions along with his recording studio.  From picking up drums, restoring them and reselling them…Carmen was 100% in.  Carmen was a great husband, father, dog owner and an all around nice guy.


Carson Sorge

Tuning | Restoration Specialist

Carson Sorge is one of Stewart Drums Tuning and Restoration Specialists.  The skill and knowledge this young man has both on and off the kit is unreal.  Years of training/lessons from Glen Gratto gives him an advantage most drummers just don’t have.  You can be assured that when your drums come to us for restoration or you purchase a kit directly from us, they were worked on by someone who truly cares about what they do.  Carson can be found on YouTube, check him out!

Michelle Sorge

Tuning | Restoration Specialist

Michelle Sorge is another one of Stewart Drums Tuning and Restoration Specialists.  The feel and experience Michelle has both on and off the kit is unparalleled.  The ear for a perfectly tuned drum is an art and Michelle has it…have you ever heard of the finger tap technique?  We hadn’t until we saw it first hand…and it works flawlessly!  Michelle has been playing and tuning drums for over 10 years, preparing drums for studio recording, live shows, etc.  It’s rumoured and backed up by many clients that when Michelle tunes a kit, it stays in tune for an extremely long time!

Tristan Sorge

Multi-Media & Video Production

Tristan Sorge is a wizard behind a computer.  Tristan has helped Stewart Drums endlessly with filming, editing, sound over work, etc.  He dabbles on the drums sometimes, but can usually be found doing some editing work, writing music or hanging out.

Every Great Team Begins With An Even Greater Story

Stewart Drum Company is a family business with a strong influence and devotion to music and musicians.

A business run by musicians for musicians.

James Earl Sorge (Our Father) – June 1966 – Painting Bass Drum Head

A passion for all things music, the Sorge family has always been influenced by music and the creativity that comes along with it.   Our father, James Earl Sorge, was not only in bands throughout his life, but supported every one of us to pursue music and to find the joys in creating it.  There was always music being played in our childhood home, whether it be on the radio or one of us in our bedrooms or downstairs in the “jam room”.  It was never a quiet home, 1000 square feet and 7 people within it.

We lost our father to his battle with cancer in the Fall of 2017 at the age of 74 and our mother, Darlene Martha Sorge, to the same battle in the Spring of 2016 at the age of 64.  We lost Co-Owner, Carmen Sorge, to the same battle in the Spring of 2018 at the age of 48.

This venture and this website is a testament and a dedication to their support, not just in music, but in life in general to all of us.

Starting in 2013, Matthew and Carmen Sorge, traveled across Ontario in pursuit on anything Stewart.  From less than perfect snare drums to immaculate complete kits, they have traveled from the North to the South and from the East to the West of Ontario.  It was these trips that they formed a desire to acquire as much Stewart offerings as they could get their hands on.  It was also on these trips that they formed a bond and a friendship beyond being “just brothers”.

It was in 2015 that they decided to take it a little more seriously and offer a select amount of their findings for sale through outlets such as Kijiji, eBay and through their homes on a one off basis.  The majority of what was being collected/restored became part of their personal collection.

Also in 2015, close family members Carson, Michelle and Tristan joined the team and each have their own list of specialized offerings from tuning and restoration to multi-media and video production.

In 2016, Matthew and Carmen acquired rights to the Stewart name and registered as a business and solidified trademarks in Canada.  Since then the desire to offer products on a more formal level emerged.

We welcome you to www.stewartdrums.com!

``Same Name, Same Integrity``

Our Mission is World's Supreme Quality

Vintage / New Products

Every piece of hardware is hand selected by us.  All pieces conform to industry standards and each piece is backed by the “World’s Supreme Quality” tag.  We take pride in our offerings and hope that you will take just as much pride in our products as we do.

Whether it be a single lug, tension rod, tom mount, leg mount, etc.  We will fully back each and every offering through the online store.

New products (sticks, shirts, stickers, etc) are also backed by the same “World’s Supreme Quality” tag.