Stewart “Peacock Pearl” Kit

If this Stewart “Peacock Pearl” kit could talk! First off, the Peacock Pearl wrap is extremely rare in Stewart kits. From what we gather only a few dozen of these kits were ever made that bare the Stewart badge. We have only come across one other.

The story of this kit goes well beyond any other kit we have come across. The snare wasn’t always a Peacock Pearl, it was originally a Blue Sparkle snare. We had someone contact us with a Peacock Pearl floor tom that was in pretty rough shape. Carmen and I met with her at Ikea in Burlington, ON. Purchased the floor tom, brought it home, took the wrap off of it and made a snare wrap and some bass drum in-lays.

Not a couple weeks later this 3-piece (tom, floor and bass drum) went up on Kijiji not 30 minutes from us. I immediately contacted the seller and advised him I would buy the kit…within 30 minutes we met at a halfway point and I had a smile from ear-to-ear. This gave us a full 4-piece kit! Brought them home and had them apart within minutes to start a complete restore. We hand picked all the lugs, tension rods, t-rods, claws, rims, hoops, etc from our collection and pieced together a 10/10 kit. We spend a solid 20+ hours on the kit in total, but the results were beyond what we could have ever imagined.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

The kit was in our personal collection for over a year, and finally made their way to Newfoundland, Canada and is currently owned by a repeat buyer, Allan Brake.