Supreme “Red Pearl” Kit



Some kits are a bit more work than others. This Supreme “Red Pearl” kit was acquired in Guelph, ON. from a Kijiji seller (gave us a great excuse to visit our daughter at the University of Guelph). The seller had a Supreme chrome snare, the original wood block and cowbell (all of which is still in our collection). The kit also came with original hi-hat stand, kick pedal, snare stand and cymbals. We have a repeat buyer that purchases all of the hardware we get that we wish to pass on…so those have been re-homed.

The snare was purchased off of another Stewart drum collector in Burlington, ON with the nickname my brother Carmen and I have mutually named “Dan Dan The Stewart Man”. We restored the kit over the course of a few days, purchased all new Remo heads and re-badged as a Stewart kit (as per the purchasers request) – we normally do not do this, but Supreme and Stewart are virtually one in the same. The kit has been moved more than 3 times, by what we can tell since, but a 50 year kit should see another 50 years after the restoration.

Our goal with the kits we restore is not to make money…the goals in restoring a kit go well beyond that…it’s to give them a new life, a new home (in most cases) and a chance to be used properly again. We also get a huge sense of pride and accomplishment when we see the before and after photos.