Stewart “Red Sparkle” Kit



Sometimes, you walk away and sometimes you don’t.

Some Kijiji sellers are awesome and some just aren’t. This seller had some serious communication problems, but doing this sort of thing…you just have to roll with it sometimes. From what I gather before meeting him in person, the seller got them from a “garage sale”, decided he didn’t like playing drums and decided to put them up for sale. While we were there, he claimed he had another kit, was in fact a drummer, wanted more money for the kit than we originally agreed on, had a bad temperament, was just an all around bad experience. Everything in me wanted to walk away, but when the pickings are in limited supply…you sometimes take what you can get.

The kit had a really poor condition 12″ tom (bearing edges that were beyond a quick fix), but we used it for parts (which are always valuable in their own right), we had a Red Sparkle snare in our collection from a previous purchase and we got to work. What really shocked me on this kit was how immaculate the original Stewart front bass skin was…it was pristine for being 50 years old. The majority of the hardware it came with (hi-hat stand, cymbal stands, cymbals, etc) were passed off about 2 minutes after we got home with the kit. We have purchasers on stand by that will take the parts & pieces we don’t need/want.

After all was said and done, the kit turned out extremely well and has been sold to a purchaser in Toronto, ON. We ended up losing a bit of money on this restoration, but it’s not about that…we acquired the knowledge to know a great seller and a bad one. We did add a 10-lug Stewart chrome snare in our collection, a few extra parts & pieces, etc.