Stewart “Gold Fibre” Kit


This kit has a story.

This Vintage 1960’s Stewart “Gold Fibre” kit was the last one Carmen & I purchased before he passed away. We originally arranged to meet the seller in Richmond Hill, ON., but as Carmen was admitted to the hospital, plans changed and the seller agreed to meet in St. Catharines, when the day came for us to meet the seller, it has completely slipped my mind and I was at home in Port Colborne…not much made sense at that time. The seller ended up meeting me in Welland (which is 15 minutes from my place instead of the original plan to meet in Richmond Hill which would have been a 4 hour round trip). The seller of the drums made the transaction extremely easy for me at a terrible time.

When I got them home, I unpacked and stacked in my garage where they stayed for nearly 2 months. At the time I didn’t have the heart to restore it without him. The idea of pursuing something him and I started together seemed nearly impossible without him, his guidance, his drive, his ambition and his attitude. I found a home for them (unrestored) with a repeat buyer looking for to get a kit for his friend. It took nearly 7 months for me to pull things together, get in touch with the buyer and reach out offering to restore them. Buyer agreed and the rest is in the photos.

I’ll always have a soft spot for this kit…glad to see it finally got the attention it deserved. Thanks Mike Borg for allowing me the privilege of restoring it, the way Carmen and I originally intended. I hope one day they will mean as much to you as they do to me.

A new beginning, a new chapter, never the same, but with good intentions…we will move on as we were intended. We will reach our destination.

Miss you brother! You will always be a part of this venture, in everything we do from here on out.