Stewart “White Marine Pearl” Kit

This Stewart “White Marine Pearl” kit was purchased in Hamilton, ON on our way back from Tobermory, ON. while on vacation. The kit itself was in pretty good condition. The snare was a Maxwin, but in terrible condition. Acquired the snare through a separate purchase and added it to the kit. The kit has since found a new home. The rarity of this kit was the diamond mount bass drum cymbal mount…these are increasingly rare and I just so happened to have an arm attachment for it through another separate purchase.

This kit was from 1964-1965 and signifies the earliest of the Stewart kits. Diamond rail and cymbal mount on the bass drum and diamond mount on the tom. These are beautiful kits and are of the highest quality when it comes to Stewart kits. “World’s Supreme Quality” rings true, every piece of the diamond mount kits are strong, durable and of higher quality than the later offerings with the Stewart badge. 7-ply mahogany shells offer an unsurpassed warm vintage tone that most drummers don’t even know they need/want until they play one of these kits.