Our Services

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering any of these services. The website is for reference only.

Drum Restoration

Our specialty is restoration work.  When you bring your kit to us (or we pick it up), you can be assured that it’s in good hands.  From disassembly to the finishing touches, your kit will come back to you in pristine condition!  It’s a timely process, but most kits have a turnaround time of 48-72 hours.  If any parts or pieces need to replaced, we have everything needed on hand, so the process is uninterrupted.  We recommend all restorations are done with new skins so you not only see the difference, but you hear it as well.


Rewrapping a kit takes an extreme amount of skill.  Wrap isn’t cheap and mistakes are costly.  Be assured that we take all precautions to make sure your kit is wrapped perfectly.  We use high bond 3M contact cement in a natural colour and do the whole piece of wrap (not like some who do just the seams).  The wrap we order is direct from manufacturer, no stickers/decals…only premium wrap.  Contact us for current wrap options as they change frequently.

Drum Tuning

Now this is where the final touches really come into play.  Tuning is also a skill.  Tuning requires not just tools, but relies highly on the naked ear.  We use tension watches, pressure sensors, and most of all our ears to hone into the perfect pitch.  All drums are different and some sound better using certain skins.  We have used many different skins, but we strive to use only Remo skins (unless customers request something different).  When playing, you will hear (and feel) the difference… and it’s night and day!


Let us shop for you!  Yes, we like to shop.  Let us find that perfect kit!  Sometimes it’s a wrap that peaks someones interest, sometimes it’s the configuration/sizes of a kit, sometimes is just perfect timing and price.  We know MIJ drums, particularly Stewart’s…so, it’s only obvious that we prefer to purchase, work and resell them.  From snares to full kits, your money is in perfect hands with us.  We are always on the look out, not just for the “perfect” kit, but also for the “perfect” price!  A “perfect” kit should not only look great, but it should “sound” great too!


Just because a kit comes in what appears to be standard sizes, it doesn’t mean they have to remain the same.  If shallow drums are your thing…we can take care of that for you.  Cut shell, new bearings edges, re-drill, and reassemble.  A typical Stewart kit has a 14″ snare, 13″ tom, 16″ floor tom and a 20″ bass drum…they also released a 12″ tom, 14″ floor tom and a 22″ bass drum.  Let’s say you want to take the tom and remove 2″ in depth of all of them for easier portability or maybe you just have limited space…we can do that…and you would never notice it’s been done!


Drummers like things the way they like them…that is no surprise.  We have suppliers for shells, hardware, rims, wrap, skins and everything else to make you that perfect kit.  We’re skilled enough to handle it, but new enough to take advantage of us.  Let our humbleness be your savings.  We have training and experience from our own experiences and some of the best and knowledgeable drummers around.  We are still in the beginning stages of this, but why not get one of the first Stewart kits made in Canada?