Our Testimonials

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“It was a three piece, red sparkle Stewart outfit.  It was one of those unbearably exciting days in life, waiting from them to arrive, then setting them up in the front room and playing the only two songs I knew, ‘Land of a Thousand Dances’… and ‘Wipeout’.” *Excerpt from: Traveling Music: The Soundtrack to My Life and Times – p69

“The Drums?  Well, they’re Stewarts, of course…those were the days when “Made in Japan” really meant something”. *Excerpt from: Rush – Test for Echo Tour Book

Neil Peart

“The Stewart drums that Matt sold me have worked flawlessly since I got them – they’ve been on records, and played in front of audiences.  Everyone I deal with can’t stop talking about their amazing vintage sound and look, and in turn, I keep telling them about the amazing restoration business Matt is running!  If you’re looking for vintage drums that are professionally restored, and you want bang for your buck, these guys deserve a second look.”

Dan Baerg – London, ON.

“I heard of Matt through a friend of mine who had dealt with him before and had nothing but good things to say.  Matt wants you to get a good deal, and he even threw in extra items without my asking for them!  The items were packaged well so that no damage would come to them.  I would recommend Matt to anybody who is looking to buy some unique drumming equipment at a very fair price!”

Craig Caines – Massey Drive, NL.

“I purchased a set of early 1960s Stewart Drums with a “Fantasia Pearl” wrap from Matthew in October of 2015.  The drums were absolutely incredible.  They are truly unique in appearance, and manufactured with top quality craftsmanship.  This kit is tough, durable, and most importantly, it sounds great.  The tone is warm, round, and easy to control.  They sound powerful and full at lower tunings, and they also sing when tuned high.

Despite purchasing the drums from 3000 kms away, the transaction was simple and painless.  Matthew was personable, down to earth, and very accommodating.  He arranged for a friend of mine to view the drums, and then took the proper time and care to ensure the drums reached me in perfect condition.

Matthew’s knowledge about Stewart Drums, and his passion towards them, are truly unparalleled.  I would not hesitate to do business with him in the future.”

Allan Brake – St. John’s, NL

“When I saw the pictures of the Stewart drums on the internet for sale, I fall in love with the wrap and how clean the looked too.  I immediately sent a message to know if he would be interested in shipping them to Quebec, Matthew said no problem.

So easy to deal with this man, he’s so cool.  I got it some days after with nice vintage hardware that worked great.  Nothing broken in the shipping and Matthew didn’t even use bubbles wrap!!! The drums are clean like the pictures and they play really good.

I’m really satisfied and recommend to everyone!!!

Thanks for everything, special thanks to your wife for photos as well.”

Danny Morency – Quebec, QC.

“The drums I got from Matt were awesome, the price was good they are in excellent condition and they sounded really good they were thin shelled mahogany drums beautiful wrapped in good shape, nice and clean.  I haven’t had a problem with them and they sound great”.

Ron Graham – Port Dalhousie, ON

“I negotiated with several people, including Matt, over some rare finish, Stewart drums that I was selling.  Matt turned out to be the most knowledgeable and the most passionate about Stewart drums.  Matt bought the drums at a fair price and I knew that the drums had found a deserving home.  After seeing Matt’s restoration work I knew that the drums would be restored to their former beauty.  Matt is now my go to guy for anything Stewart.”

Thomas Murray – Guelph, ON

“I’ve been playing Stewart drums since 1974 and recently I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Sorge at Stewart Drums. I’d been searching online for a decent small sized kit for my two-year-old nephew and Matt had a fantastic little Stewart set in the smallest sizes I had ever seen, 16 inch bass drum with wood hoops, 8 inch rack tom, 10 inch floor tom and 10 inch snare. Mahogany shells and a gorgeous blue diamond pearl wrap all original.  WOW!  This rare beauty looks spectacular.

I would gladly bring all of my other Stewart kits to Matt for restorations.

Thanks again Matt and keep up the great work.

Long time Stewart afficionado!

Pino Dee – Burlington, ON.

“I had the pleasure of doing business with Matthew recently via Kijiji.  Every now and again you happen upon someone who is a gift to do business with and he’s the one!  He’s a straightforward and efficient communicator who quickly negotiated a fair deal and made arrangements without fuss.

He also went a further step in proving his dependability when, unable to complete the transaction face to face, we arranged for him to pick up the item and put the money in my mailbox for me.

Thank you Matthew for your reliability and honesty, five stars!

Julian Leeke – St. Thomas, ON.

“I found a new member of my snare drum family…1960’s Stewart Made in Japan. This will compliment my Stewart Bass Drum which I am restoring now. Thank you Matthew Sorge up at Stewart Drums in Canada for the great refurbish on this snare and parts to restore my bass drum!”

Bruce Enck – Hartwick, NY.

“I really can’t say enough good about Matt and Stewart Drum Company!  My mom bought me a vintage kit at a yard sale almost 15 years ago and since then it’s been used by several drummers, traveled the country, gotten a retrofit or two… a few weeks ago, after an instagram post where I was doing a little work on it, Matt actually sought me out to offer his help supplying parts!  I was shocked, I had no idea that the company was alive at all, or what a following Stewart still had.  Thankfully, Matt helped me get everything back together the way they should be, and this kit is GREAT!  We’ll be keeping her around for many years to come, for recording and playing out!

Thanks Matt, thank you to Stewart Drums, I look forward to working with you again!!!”

Nathan Whitelock – Warren, OH.

“It was a pleasure working with Matt!  Everything that he described about my beautiful Black Diamond Pearl Stewart kit was spot on!  Matt is extremely nice, he even threw in some extra goodies to help me out.  Do not worry about dealing with Matt as he is extremely intelligent in the world of Stewart drums and isn’t out there just to make a buck like most people, he truly loves Stewart.

I know that anyone who deal with Matt will have a pleasurable experience.”

Max Redman – Cambridge, ON.

“When I first stumbled across a Kijiji post from Matt, I thought I had lucked out finding a piece I needed. I didn’t realize what exactly I found. Matt’s friendly personality, combined with an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise had had me back to deal with him many time since.

Matt has gone out of his way to help me locate parts and pieces for both my kits and my sons.”

Shawn Cayouette – Port Colborne, ON.

“It was a pleasure dealing with you Matt, and thanx for letting me know a bit more about the Stewart snare and the fact that the snare stand appeared to be a Stewart.  I had assumed for years it was a makeshift stand the previous owner had patched together.  Thanx for letting me know that my set appeared to be a Coronet as I really had no idea what it was.  It was great to sell the kit to someone who really appreciates vintage drums!!

Whatwave Dave – London, ON.

“Hey Matt , just a note to tell you how much I love the Vintage White Marine Pearl Stewart kit.  You went out of your way to make me completely satisfied and it was a pleasure dealing with you.

I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with you again , thanks and cheers”.

Rick Brown – Barrie, ON.

“Right price, good packaging, extra pieces and fast shipping.  Everything’s good as I expected. What else should I ask for!  Now my drum set is complete!  Thanks!”

Raphaël Cote – Canada

“Matt was an amazing resource when I was restoring my old kit, not only was he friendly and knowledgeable, he went above and beyond to help me score rare and obscure parts I needed to bring my drums to life.  A treasure.”

Ryan Mounsey – Niagara Falls, ON.

Soul. You are soul.”

“Resurrecting a drum company with such vibe and soul is testament to how much care is in your soul.”

“Stewart drums needed to be. I believe, in your hands, what you do with Stewart goes far beyond reviving an old brand. Cats from back when that played on Stewart drums have their fondest memories kindled and their smiles brightened.”

“Students of today have a new opportunity to broaden their knowledge of great influencers of the craft who perhaps might be lost in time if it weren’t for this brilliant catalyst to their curiosity.”

“This contribution to drumming is all soul and it is brilliant. You are soul.

Andrew Kyriacou – Canadian Musician

“I have completed several transactions with Matthew and have found him to be very honest and transparent – two very important qualities for an online store.  After my first purchase arrived exactly as promised and precisely as described, I knew I was dealing with an honest guy!  After several more purchases, my experience remains excellent.  A straight-up guy with high-quality items.  He knows his stuff and has always described items accurately.  His packaging is awesome and everything has arrived in perfect condition, on time and as promised.”

“I have no hesitation making referrals to Matthew.”

“Very highly recommended!”

Bryan Doull – Ontario, Canada

Hi Matthew,

I finally got to unbox the snare last night and I wanted to let you know how happy and impressed I am with the job that you did.

The drum looks practically new: much better than if I had attempted to do the work myself.

I can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail and willingness to take on the project. Thank you also for the swag you threw in. I’m glad to see you guys carrying on the Stewart tradition.

Joe P., Nashville, TN

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping me restore my vintage Stewart drums.”

“This makes my heart so happy since this is my first drum set my mother gave me when I was 13 years old and I was just starting to play. I had recently discovered Neil Peart and the rest is history!”

“Thank you Matt and thank you Stewart Drums!!!”

Jason Reed – Hartford, CT